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Year of Establishment: 2010

Huda Al-Sharafi


Huda Mohammed AlSharafi is the Vice Chairman of the Board of AlMaz Group, a leading group in construction, services and tourism in Yemen. As the chairwoman of INJAZ Yemen, Huda Al-Sharafi spends much of her time supporting various social activities in Yemen, especially those involving youth development. Huda educated herself and worked hard to achieve her professional ambitions.

Majid Khalid Alshammiri


Majid Khalid Alshammiri joined INJAZ Yemen in October 2010 and currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining the organization, he spent five years working as a coordinator of youth projects and as a researcher at several organizations including British Council-Yemen, Life Makers International Union and The Yemeni Center for Historical Studies and Future Strategies. Majid holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Sana’a University. He is currently working on his Masters in Public Policy.

Board Members:

PREFIX First name Last name Company name
Ms. Huda Al Sharafi Al Maz Group
Ms. Leila AL-Hayouti Total E&P Yemen
Mr. Munir Daair Dome
Mr. Yahya Abuelrejal Abuelrejal Trading
Ms. Huda Al Sharafi Al Maz Group
Mr. Amin Hajar Deloitte
Mr. Hadi Alsadai Hadda Valley School
Mr. Abdulmalik Althoar Yemen Kuwait Bank
Mr. Zaki Al-Khatary Deloitte
Mr. Raed Ahmed MTN
Ms. Leila Al-Hayouti Total E&P Yemen
Mr. Ahmad Harmal YECOM



Students reached through programs Students reached through competitions and conferences Volunteers Schools Universities Staff members Board members
5,841 300 139 28 4 2 10