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Year of Establishment: 2007

Laila Mamou


Mrs MAMOU is committed and dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among youth. She is a member of the Board of Directors within « Enactus » association, an international organization that supports youth in creating their social entrepreneurship projects. She is also an active member of the «Collective of Associations for Education and Entrepreneurship» (CAPEE). Besides, Mrs MAMOU is also devoted to support the Moroccan Student Foundation (FME) and to mentor young scholarship students. Furthermore, Mrs MAMOU took the 42nd place in the « Most Powerful Arab Women » Forbes ranking and the 2nd place in the Moroccan level. She was also nominated in the 2nd place for the prize of the « 2015 Personality of the Year » organized by Radio Aswat.

Board Members:

PREFIX First name Last name Company name
Mrs Laila Mamou INJAZ Al-Maghrib
Mr. Abdelmjid Tazlauoi ONAPAR
Mrs. Nadia Fassi Fehri Wana Corporate
Mr. Mohamed Benomar Mastercard
Mr. Walter Siouffi Citibank
Mr. Ahmed Nakkouch NAREVA
Mr. Imad Toumi MANAGEM Group
Mrs. Hind Mejjati VIVO Energy



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