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Established 2010

Ali Azzouz


Ali Azzouz is currently a shareholder and CEO of several ICT companies including CBS-XEROX and Icosnet. After studying engineering and a Master's degree at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, Ali began his career in ICT at Xerox in 1980 in the United States. With 3 years of experience in Silicon Valley working on projects such as Ethernet and connectivity, Ali returns home to continue his career with Xerox Algerie in several departments to finish 3country Manager in 1989. In 1992, with the departure of Xerox, Ali creates his first company CBS Sarl (exclusive distributor of Xerox) then follow other investments always in the field of ICTs of which the most important one is Icosnet (FAI). Ali is very active in the community. In addition to his role as President of INJAZ, he is Treasurer of the American Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of AITA (Algerian IT Association), founding member and vice-president of Casbah Business Angels and founding member of the Algiers Casbah Lions Club.

Leen Abdel Jaber Al Ashhab


As INJAZ El Djazair Executive Director and Founder, Leen has spent a decade mobilizing the private sector and ministries of Education in Algeria, Jordan and Egypt to join forces in creating a new generation of business-minded youth who will become entrepreneurs and employees of choice for corporations. Her efforts in Algeria for the past seven years have led to having 19 board members from the private sector leading INJAZ Algeria, reaching out to 22 public universities and 4 public schools in 13 Cities across Algeria, leading to the most successful private public sector partnership in education reaching more than 17 000 Algerian youth. Prior to INJAZ, Leen worked with a USAID funded project, which gave technical assistance to the Jordanian Industrial sector. She has received an MSc in Development Studies from the University of London and a BSc in Social Policy and Planning from University of Bristol.

Board Members:

Hikma PharmaÈ

 PREFIX First name Last name Company name
Mr. Bernard Dunn Boeing
Mr. Wahib Benaissa Coca Cola
Mr. Ramz Hamzaoui Citibank
Mr. Elie Al Asmar HSBC
Mr. Toufik Fredj GE
Mr. Slim Othmani NCA/Rouiba
Mr. Hendrik Kasteel Ooredoo
Mr. Noureddine Hassaim Toyota
Mr. Toufik Lerari Allegorie
Mr. Hamid Boumesbah Unilever
Mr. Raed Ashhab Afia, Group Savola
Mr. Nadir Idir ABC Bank
Mr. Henri Bussery Alstom
Mr. Ali Azzouz CBS Xerox/ Icosnet
Mr. Sefiane Hasnaoui Hasnaoui Group
Mr. Ma’moon Maraidah Hikma Pharma
Mr. Sofiane Chaib IN-Tuition
Mr. Hassan Khelifati Alliance Assurance
Mr. Abdelmadjid Fechkeur RedMed



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