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Established 2010

Sofiane Chaib


Sofiane Chaib is the Managing Director of IN-tuition SARL, a training company which he founded with his wife, Gayle Cooper-Chaib in 2003. Today the company employs over 100 training consultants delivering training all around the country, and boasts a graduate alumni of over 30 000 students. Sofiane comes from a large and well-known Algerian family of entrepreneurs and has owned and managed his own businesses since the age of 21. In 2006, the U.S. Embassy in Algiers recommended that IN-tuition became the first language center to offer the Internet-based TOEFL examinations and the Internet TOEIC examination of behalf of ETS. In 2007, they were appointed as the Algerian Master Licensee for the Linguaphone Group, joining a network of over 200 language centers in 25 countries. In 2008 they were selected by Oxford University Press to become an Oxford Teachers Academy, and in 2009 they were chosen by Senior Management in New York to become the Algerian Master Franchisee for Dale Carnegie Training, which currently operates in over 85 countries around the globe. In December 2011 at the Dale Carnegie annual convention held in San Diego, IN-tuition SARL won the award of the fastest growing Start- Up amongst a network of a 185 Dale Carnegie franchises worldwide. Sofiane has a degree in Marketing and is the proud father of two young sons. Sofiane is also the Secretary General of NAPEO Algeria, a founding member of INJAZ Algeria and an active member of several local business associations including the British Business Club and CJD Algeria.

Leen Abdel Jaber Al Ashhab


As INJAZ El Djazair Executive Director and Founder, Leen has spent a decade mobilizing the private sector and ministries of Education in Algeria, Jordan and Egypt to join forces in creating a new generation of business-minded youth who will become entrepreneurs and employees of choice for corporations. Her efforts in Algeria for the past seven years have led to having 22 board members from the private sector leading INJAZ Algeria, reaching out to 22 public universities and 4 public schools in 13 Cities across Algeria, leading to the most successful private public sector partnership in education reaching more than 10 000 Algerian youth. Prior to INJAZ, Leen worked with a USAID funded project, which gave technical assistance to the Jordanian Industrial sector. She has received an MSc in Development Studies from the University of London and a BSc in Social Policy and Planning from University of Bristol.

Board Members:

 PREFIX First name Last name Company name
Mr. Sofiane Chaib IN-tuition
Mr. Hendrik Kasteel represented by Reda Bendeddouche, Ooredoo
Mr. Bernard Dunn represented by Roula Droubi, Boeing
Mr. Ramz Hamzaoui Citibank
Mr. Raed Ashhab Hikma Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Slim Othmani NCA Rouiba
Mr. Jean Jacques Gauthier, Lafarge
Mr. Henri Bussery Alstom
Mr. Sefiane Hasnaoui Hasnaoui Group
Mr. Noureddine Hassain Toyota
Mr. Faisal Khan Unilever
Mr. Elie El Asmar HSBC
Mr. Touffik Fredj GE
Mr. Rym Othmani MMC DDB
Mr. Wahib Benaissa Coca-Cola – Fruital
Mr. Nadir Idir ABC Bank
Mr. Ali Azzouz CBS Xerox
Mr. Abdallah Njimi Afia Du Groupe Savola
Mr. Abdelmadjid Fechkeur RedMed
Mr. Keisha Toms MEPI



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