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Are you a student looking to start your own business? The INJAZ Academy is a one-stop learning resource aimed to providing you with everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur. It is organized into a series of articles that address different aspects of getting a business off the ground, including writing a business plan, conducting market research, raising capital and expanding into new market and products. Visit the INJAZ Academy and take a look around. The built-in navigation tools make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for without having to sift through each article. Make sure you also go to the Generation INJAZ section to find out more stories about students like yourself who have contributed to their community.

While the INJAZ Academy is a great tool for just about anyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, many of the processes and helpful tips the Academy provides are perfect for improving the quality and scope of business concepts developed for our Online Company Program Competition and Online Business Plan Competition! Our Online Business Plan Competition gives students the opportunity to understand how to pitch a business plan. A group of selected ideas will go through an intense mentoring program with our partners at Deloitte. The final winner will receive a round of investment.

INJAZ Academy

The INJAZ Academy is a new initiative by INJAZ Al-Arab to expand its online offerings in order to complement the educational content and experiences that are part of INJAZ Al-Arab’s many on-the-ground educational programs. At present, INJAZ Academy hosts a thorough set of articles that detail the business development process and provide guidelines and tips on how best to start a new enterprise. There is also a complementing set of videos that provide entrepreneurial advice from some of the region’s premier entrepreneurs and business persons.

INJAZ Competitions

Peer-to-peer learning  is enhanced through our tried and tested method of putting students through various company competitions in order to encourage innovative business ideas among our students.


INJAZ Al-Arab has over 22,000 committed classroom volunteers comprised of leaders from the corporate world. These educators serve as the foundation for the organization and are the key to our success in preparing a new generation of Arab youth best able to contribute to local and regional economies.

We are always looking for talented volunteers to help the organization achieve its mission. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of INJAZ’s hands-on, experiential programs.

How to balance a checkbook. Writing a business plan. Don’t you wish that someone had taught you those things as you were growing up? Now there is someone. YOU.

You’ll receive turnkey training so that your INJAZ young achievers blossom under your care. We have the training, curriculum, and a classroom ready to meet you. Now all we need is your enthusiasm, life experience, and willingness to teach youth about how you took chances and shot for the stars. What are you waiting for?

Please contact your member nation directly to find out how you can get involved with INJAZ.

“Coaching young students was a very wonderful and rewarding experience. Being involved to inspire and prepare them for entrepreneurship was truly an honorable mission. I gained a lot of personal satisfaction in the end. Thanks INJAZ for this unforgettable adventure!” –Lamia Ouis—Business Manager at Lafarge


While our entrepreneurship programs build capacities on the ground and help to immediately prepare Arab youth for successful futures, INJAZ Al-Arab is also committed to bringing about structural changes in the region's educational systems and thus has INJAZ Al Arab works in close partnership with a number of international and regional partners, including the World Bank and the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) in order to mainstream Entrepreneurship Education and 21st Century Skills. Click here to find out more about how INJAZ Al-Arab is making a difference through our policy work.

INJAZ AL-ARAB began its partnership with ALECSO and the World Bank in January 2012 when ARAIEQ and The Arab Program on Entrepreneurship for Employment and Education (APEEI) one of five sub-initiatives under ARAIEQ - were first implemented. The APEEI is intended to address the disconnect between current curricula in Arab nations and the demands of an increasingly modern job-market that drives a knowledge-based economy. As the host of the APEEI, INJAZ Al-Arab is responsible for coordinating and hosting a series of regional and national round tables, bringing together a diverse group of key stakeholders from the public and privates sectors, including Ministries of Education, NGOs, and corporate leaders.


Since the original Doha summit, INJAZ AL-ARAB has also hosted national round tables in Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait, and Oman. Each round table has focused on adapting the policy recommendations from the regional conference to suit the needs of the individual countries when mainstreaming entrepreneurship education and curricular reform.

The final step in the process was the regional summit, which was hosted during the fall of 2013. APEEI again brought together regional stakeholders in the process of education reform in order to work in collaboration to review the success of the initiative thus far, and to lay out further steps for implementing the proposals discussed in previous round tables on a national level. Additionally, the summit allowed Arab countries to address shared problems and exchange solutions and other educational best practices.

If you are interested in becoming involved with or learning more about the process, please contact the Office of the Special Projects Manager.



Our corporate partners are critical in providing quality volunteers to train students and provide financial support to INJAZ Al Arab and our Member Nations for their programs.


Partners collaborate with us on program development and help pass on wisdom to the next generation of business leaders. We always welcome opportunities to work with new partners – to learn more click here.