Meet Our Alumni

Bassem Elhady - Egypt
“My entrepreneurial story started with INJAZ Al-Arab during 2008’s Company Competition and was a gateway that granted me exposure to the internships and work experience. I was inaugurated into the world of entrepreneurship and found my passion for social media. I realised how I can spend my life in nothing but my passion. Whence came the foundation of KIJAMII and TExCairo, my two greatest and most proud achievements. Kijamii is a digital tech agency based in Cairo that builds and manages creative digital strategies and online campaign activations for a portfolio of international and local clients across MENA, Europe and USA. Kijamii started with 3 employees and now has 50+ team members who are well specialized in different digital operations.”
Othman Boodai - Kuwait
“INJAZ was a life-changing experience for me! It was a great way to discover entrepreneurial skills early on. Nine years ago, I was just an ordinary high school student, but through INJAZ Al-Arab I started my first business which turned into a success. Presently, I manage a group of companies with 85 employees. To me, “ You don’t need to be the smartest of the most creative to be successful, but you need to have the ‘want to achieve’ as much as you want to breathe…”
Jihad Hamoushi - Morocco
“I always wanted to be a leader and I’m convinced that dreams are had only to be realized. With INJAZ Al-Arab’s Company Program, I discovered potentials that were buried in me, to be able to lead a team and manage employees at such a young age. So, I rose to the challenge and used all of my strength to unite the ambitions of my team and develop a business plan to ensure its success in the competition and subsequently through its continuous improvement pathways to excellence. INJAZ Al-Maghrib changed my world view; every second that passes is an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to catch. It didn’t just give me the opportunity to start a business, but it also organized my life by establishing planning, setting goals, and especially the continuous monitoring of the fulfillment of my goals. I learned that this world is not only filled with adventure but also risks to calculate. Experiencing my first failure was not easy, but more importantly, after that I decided to take a risk with the new “Smart Start” program. Ultimately, I arrived at a conviction that my life is directed towards that of entrepreneurship. So, I created a new start-up, “Green Electro Link”, for e-waste management. For this, I want to thank INJAZ Al-Maghrib for giving me a reason to wake up every morning.”
Leen Abu Baker - Palestine
I had taken several INJAZ courses throughout my school years but when INJAZ staff came to my school to explain about the Company Program, I realized that they had been preparing us for this moment. I raised my hand immediately to participate in the program, the first step in becoming the person I am today. INJAZ Company Program was a turning point in my life as I discovered the leader within myself and tapped into my potential. These experiences offer an endless supply of lessons and opportunities. Besides business and management principles, I have also learned how to react under pressure, how to set priorities and goals, how to communicate with confidence but, most importantly, that failure is the beginning of success. I’m currently working on my BSc degree in Computer Engineering, as well as enhancing my management and leadership skills by being a part of the INJAZ Alumni Association. INJAZ gives you the tools and confidence to turn your dreams into reality.
Adel Bensalah - Algeria
Eng.: My name is Adel Mohamed Ali Bensalah and I am the President of the Alumni Chapter in Algeria. Two years ago, I was just a student who had no idea about his future, only that I needed to study hard and get my bachelor’s degree. In November 2013, I met officials from INJAZ al Djazair who came to my university with amazing plans for us. I then joined the Company Program, where we were mentored and trained to learn about the basics and most important facts of creating a company. I’ve also participated in I Camp, hosted by INJAZ and Schlumberger. This experience led to an internship with Schlumberger͟ in the Algerian Sahara. When I returned from my internship opportunity, I decided to join the Algerian business school. In 2014, I worked with INJAZ to help create the website for an Algerian national competition, where I was in charge of the live events on social media, live tweeting, etc. After that, I started my own company, DZ Gen Agency, specializing in the creation of web content. In 2015, I had another internship with INJAZ al Djazair, where I worked in all of the programs in Algeria EMC, ICAMP, etc.  At the end, due to the hard work and dedication, I became the president of the Alumni chapter in Algeria and had the honor of representing Algeria at the Regional INJAZ Al-Arab final at Sultana of Oman.
Abdul Hamid Sharara - Egypt
My journey with INJAZ began back in 2009 when I participated in the Company Program. With 30 other team members, we started a company called C and P͟, Comfortable and Portable. The company was quite successful, making a profit of over $10,000, as well as winning the local competition. This experience has caused a kind of paradigm shift within me. I used to think that if you wanted to change things you had to be a part of the system. However, the Company Program introduced me to the world of entrepreneurship and all of the untapped opportunities it offers. In the following years, I started a soft skills training company and worked as a part-time trainer for INJAZ, until I accepted a full time position as the new Company Program Manager in July 2012. Noticing a few disconnects within the program, my team and I began to work on developing a new pipeline model that could better incubate startups. Thus, STARTUP was born.  While working on STARTUP, I recognized the need to connect entrepreneurs in Egypt to the ecosystem itself. Utilizing skills that I learned from INJAZ, along with three partners, I co-founded the RiseUp Summit to fill this gap and help entrepreneurs grow. INJAZ changed my life’s path. However, I believe its impact on my life will be even more significant later on; this is just the start.  
Youmn Mahzoul - Morocco
I am Youmn Mahzoul, a young citizen of the world and firm believer of the infinite potential concealed inside of every one of us. I discovered INJAZ when I was in high school through the Company Program. I was the Vice President of the junior company “HOPE Industry”, which won the second place prize of the “Best Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2012 in Morocco. That experience cultivated in me the spirit of initiative and shaped my view of the world. As the years passed, I became active in other areas as well: a representative at the Parliament of Children in Morocco, president of AJI Club, responsible for the Alumni bureau in my school, and recently participated in the Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) - “Women’s Leadership” program at Kansas University. Now, I am a fourth-year student at the National School of Business and Trade in Morocco and opening a new chapter in my experience with INJAZ, the creation of INJAZ Morocco Alumni Club. One goal drives us all: creating a network of opportunities for Arab youth.
Slaiman Subei - Saudi Arabia
While I was in college, all I could think about was how I could finish school the fastest in order to join the family business. Badr Alansari, an INJAZ Saudi Arabia representative, gave a speech at my college where each student attending gained extra credits. He started explaining what entrepreneurship is and what it takes to become one. He was very energetic but I had mixed feelings on what he said; it felt as if I already knew all of what he had just said because I came from a business family. However, I joined INJAZ immediately and took a course called "The Program", which was a huge success! Today I am the founder and CEO of Marfa Leadership, a non-profit organization that promotes independent startups through specialty events. Through INJAZ, I built that company, which is still in existence today, and the rest is history. I am so grateful to have recently become the Head of INJAZ SA Alumni Club.
Samer Sfeir - Lebanon
In 2012, INJAZ launched the Ripples of Happiness social entrepreneurship competition. My group and I applied with our project "Mommy Made", which was the start of a great journey with INJAZ. Nowadays, Mommy Made has become a well known social catering business in Lebanon, providing high quality international and Lebanese cuisine while recruiting, training and finding employment opportunities for young women with social and financial challenges. To the Arab youth: Each of us has a blessed calling in his/her life; search for it, live it as an adventure, and be a lighthouse for your community. As INJAZ launches the Lebanon Alumni Chapter in 2016, I would like to say to all the Lebanese that were previously enrolled in INJAZ programs: It is time for us to meet and become a real network where we support each other to be even more successful and make a larger social impact in our communities. Reconnect with INJAZ so we can reach you.
Hossam Taher - Egypt
“Meeting many of the Arab entrepreneurs through INJAZ Al-Arab confirmed to me that there is real hope for us as a nation. We need to stick together and support each other. My story with INJAZ began when participating in the INJAZ Al-Arab Company Program. I’m now the Co-Founder and CEO of CairoSitters, the first and only babysitting and tutoring agency in Egypt. We provide services in German, English, French and Arabic to the greater Cairo Area. We also provide traditional babysitting and tutoring packages, as well as our newly introduced Language Service. I am very proud to be a part of the INJAZ Al-Arab Network.”
Waad Al Taweel - Palestine
“My journey with INJAZ began in 2007 with little business knowledge, at least until I was introduced to INJAZ’s Company Program. My classmates and I started Teen Touch, an event management company. The experience allowed each one of us to explore her own talents, interests, to experience working in different departments and fields, and to establish an understanding for new business concepts and skills needed to succeed in running and managing a business. This experience was life-changing for me and opened a lot of local, regional and international doors.  This experience also allowed me to attend conferences and events where I met established entrepreneurs coming from all different countries, industries, and backgrounds and I was able to learn from their stories.”
Sarah Dodeen - Jordan
“I am an HR professional with 8 years of working experience, specializing in the ‘Talent Acquisition’ field. Currently, I’m working in a regional capacity with an International NGO in the Talent Acquisition function, covering five countries: Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. With INJAZ Al-Arab, I had the privilege of representing Jordanian youth as a key speaker at different events hosted by INJAZ, including events with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, First Lady Laura Bush, the United States Education Minister, and Bill Gates. I also volunteered as a trainer for students as a part of INJAZ programs. I definitely value the contribution INJAZ Al-Arab did towards building professional, soft and interpersonal skills through their educational programs. I recommend all youth to invest their early days in building their capacities for better job opportunities. Thank you INJAZ.”
Hamed Al Khamis – Kuwait
“In 2007 I decided to join the INJAZ program while in high school with the objective to become an independent person with desire to become my own boss. Now at 25 I’m proud of being financially independent through the establishment and leadership of a successful restaurant group called “Slice”. Since inception, Slice was successful in not just creating 70 jobs in the country but also was able to cater to the local youth employment. Today about 6 jobs within the total establishment are occupied by Kuwaiti personnel. I takes pride in the entrepreneurial identity that I created for myself, which has allowed me to dedicate every hour of my day working for no one but myself. The Slice Restaurant Group has been successful in its revenue generation since inception with the restaurant generating KD half million and KD 1.2 Million in year 1 and year 2 respectively. The restaurant's current activity boasts being on track with 2015 revenue projections of over KD 2 Million. Based on the market findings and hands-on experience rendered through INJAZ’s Company Program, my team and I were able to tap into the lucrative food industry in Kuwait harboring on market potential. INJAZ’s Company Program enabled me to establish and grow entrepreneurial ideals and allowed me to learn how to optimize resource utilization within the business context.”
Alia Alobahi - Yemen
“Through INJAZ Al-Arab, I gained great experience that made me into an entrepreneur at a time when I never thought I could be. INJAZ opened a gateway for success and gave me the opportunity to start my own business. After gaining valuable local and business experience through INJAZ’s company competition, we started GEP. We learned the importance of trusting our product and we are looking forward to expanding the company into the global market with a unique vision to improve public health and environment.”
Al Motasim Al Harasi – Oman
“My adventure with INJAZ started in 2014 as the CEO of Jothor, leading my company to win the Product of the Year Award at INJAZ Al Arab’s Regional Young Entrepreneurs Competition. I didn’t know that joining INJAZ would change my life and my future, but I knew I was going to learn something new. I took the Company Program Competition seriously and was anxious because I knew nothing about Entrepreneurship. I learned how to face challenges, come up with solutions, deal with the unexpected, project confidence and become goal oriented. I’m grateful and proud of all the new skills I’ve developed by joining INJAZ program.  After the competition I received an Entrepreneurship award in Oman and began volunteering in schools to pass my experience to the new generation. I’m also currently interning at the Drydock company.”
Noora Tariq - Qatar
“I graduated from Qatar University’s college of business. I am currently working as an accountant in Tasweeq, which is helping me achieve my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. I want to thank INJAZ for the experience with entrepreneurship that helped me win many awards, such as Alfikra, INJAZ Al-Arab, Reyada, and QU’s innovation contest. Vibrohear started in February 2013 as a part of the INJAZ Company Program. After winning it Qatar, it got two nominations in the regional competition. It was built with the passion of making lives of those with disabilities more accessible. Our main product is a bracelet that lights up and vibrates on different levels of the sounds nearby. It mainly targets those with hearing disabilities to help them detect danger. Thank you INJAZ Al-Arab for making this happen.”
Rashid Bin Dayina – Bahrain
“My journey with INJAZ Bahrain started back in 2007 when I was in High school, first with Business Ethics program followed by the company program. The Company Program introduced me to the world of entrepreneurship where I developed my skills and adopted new ones. Today I became an entrepreneur, I'm the co- founder of a Regional Marine lifestyle Magazine called “Hadag” which is the first of its kind in the Gulf.  I’ve been engaged with INJAZ Bahrain ever since, as I used to help in providing graphic designing services and I volunteered since 2015 aiming to help young students to think of entrepreneurship as a career option. INJAZ Bahrain has supported and changed my life, to me this is just the beginning and the future is full of opportunities.”
Ayoub Korichi - Algeria
“My story with INJAZ began in 2013 with my participation in the “Company Program”. The program taught me about leadership and how to learn from failure. The experience that I gained made me think about creating a start-up company. This ended up happening in 2014 after I finished my university studies. Today, our company, Kaizen Computing Services, is out in the market, competing with the largest software makers in Algeria, and making software for some of the biggest companies in Algeria. We have a great team of developers working on making the best experience for our customers. So, I am very grateful to INJAZ Al-Arab and INJAZ El Djazair.”
Sara Faqihi - Bahrain
I was introduced to INJAZ Bahrain in 2011 when I was a student at the University of Bahrain. I still remember my first day in the INJAZ Bahrain Business Ethics Program as if it was yesterday. I was overwhelmed with the program material and the fact that I had actually been given an opportunity to gain such valuable experience. My INJAZ Bahrain volunteer was a Bapco employee, Larry Jeager, who later helped me get a job at Bapco. Following graduation, I grew curious to know more about INJAZ Bahrain and its role in the community. Three months after I graduated, I became an INJAZ Bahrain volunteer for the fall semester of 2011. I have been a volunteer with INJAZ Bahrain not only because I believe in its mission and vision, but also because I want to give back to the one place that has given so much to me. Whether you are a student or a volunteer, the learning experience with INJAZ Bahrain never ends. The more you receive, the more you benefit. INJAZ Bahrain programs are not just beneficial to students; they are programs that help volunteers grow on a personal level as well. I have volunteered with different programs including Business Ethics, Jobs vs. Careers, Be Entrepreneurial, and Career Success. Each program presented a new, interesting, and interactive group of people creating, sharing, and building ideas for brighter futures. My message revolves around the great community that INJAZ Bahrain is and how it strives to add value to the lives of the Bahraini youth through different programs and activities developed to build a brighter future. INJAZ Bahrain is, in my humble opinion, the main component of making great leaders. It’s never late to join and learn. INJAZ Bahrain is the future.